Having received so much benefit from reading the testimonies...

Having received so much benefit from reading the testimonies in the Sentinel and the Journal, I want to show my appreciation of the good received by sending in my own. While attending school in Oklahoma City in the fall of 1907, I suffered so much from stomach disorder and constant fear of it, that life was a burden. I used to pray every night that I would get well, and felt that some time, somehow, God would show me the way. Then I used to wonder about religious matters, but the more I pondered over them the more hopelessly tangled they became; yet it always seemed as though there must be some explanation to the questions that puzzled me.

I was living with some old friends, and the lady of the house, who had just commenced treatment with a Christian Science practitioner, noticed my condition, for I could eat scarcely anything. Often for days nothing but a little bread with salt on it was taken once a day. Many different medicines would seem to help a little, and then cease to have any effect whatever, even though the doses were increased. My friend therefore asked why I did not try Christian Science, and my reply was that I would try anything which she thought would help me. An appointment was accordingly made with a practitioner, and I remember wondering whether the treatment would really benefit me, or whether this would prove to be like everything else, for I had been using first one remedy and then another for four years or more. The practitioner gave me treatment, and when she said that God had made all that was made and that it was good, and that man is governed by His law alone, it seemed entirely reasonable,—just what I had always thought should be. She told me not to be afraid, but to eat what was set before me; so I went home and ate a hearty supper. After treating me for a week, the practitioner advised me to try to help myself. My health was wonderfully improved; I was able to go to school and do justice to my studies, and was very grateful and happy.

Testimony of Healing
It is with a feeling of deep gratitude for the understanding...
August 21, 1915

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