Six years ago I came to Christian Science for relief that I...

Six years ago I came to Christian Science for relief that I could no longer hope to get from materia medica. For twelve years I had been under the care of doctors, and had taken medicine until my stomach had seemingly given out. The lower digestive organs were paralyzed from the continued use of material remedies. I also had many hemorrhages of the lungs and a very weak heart. I had not slept on my left side for many years, on account of the rapid and irregular heart action. I believed it impossible to live many years longer, but thought if I could move to a lower altitude I would possibly be able to digest nourishing food, which I was then denying myself.

I had heard something of Christian Science, but laughed at it, thinking it another fad not worth looking into. I knew one or two Christian Scientists, who impressed me as being clean, cheerful, trustworthy, and especially intelligent men, so I was in a receptive state of mind when I made the acquaintance of some dear Christian Science people who sowed the seed when the ground was ready. After a few conversations with them, I called on a practitioner, and in one week's treatment was healed of the long-standing stomach trouble, and have never since taken medicine of any kind. I have never had a hemorrhage since, nor such severe headaches. Today I am nearer normal than I have been in the past twenty years.

Testimony of Healing
It is with a feeling of joy and gratitude that I offer my...
April 3, 1915

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