I write my testimony of what Christian Science has done...

I write my testimony of what Christian Science has done for me in regard to the tobacco habit, in the hope that it will prove helpful to some one else who wants to be free but cannot see the way, as in my case. I had been a very heavy smoker for at least twenty-two years, and particularly during the two years I was in the Canadian Northwest, having left my home in England when about twenty-two years of age.

A few years ago my wife and I became interested in Christian Science. We both read all the Christian Science literature we could get hold of, the testimonies appealing to me strongly. I told my wife that I intended to take treatment for the tobacco habit, for it seemed to me Christian Science claimed to have accomplished the cure of so many serious cases of sickness and other troubles that this should be very easily handled. I had tried many times to break myself of the habit by will-power, but had always failed. I could force myself to refrain from smoking for a week, sometimes for a couple of months, but I always had the craving and always had been beaten. At that time I was living on the island of Hawaii, and I wrote to a practitioner in Honolulu, about one hundred and fifty miles away, laying my case before her. I enclosed the money for a week's treatment, and promised her that after Sunday night I would not smoke unless I felt that I must, but if the craving was there I would very possibly smoke. All day Sunday I smoked, and until about half past nine in the evening. The next morning, after breakfast, from force of habit I thought I would get out my pipe, but I stopped and asked myself if I really wanted to smoke, and I had to admit that I had not the slightest desire to do so. The morning passed, and after lunch I had the same experience. I can honestly say that from that day to this, a period of more than five and a half years, I have not had the least desire to use tobacco in any form. The craving simply left me, and I did not suffer one moment. I gained greatly in weight, and would not again be in bondage to this habit for anything.

Testimony of Healing
I have made many attempts to send an expression of...
April 3, 1915

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