After enjoying for seven years the blessings which the...

After enjoying for seven years the blessings which the study of Christian Science brings, I am at last sending my testimony to the healing efficacy of this teaching. In a large family, all of whom rely on Science for healing, I can recount numerous cases of release from the most alarming conditions, of the subduing of every symptom of contagious diseases among the little ones; and as an agent of harmonious delivery in childbirth it surpasses any material method I have ever tried. My two children who were born under Science treatment manifest such freedom from the laws of limitation as to be remarked by all. Not only have they escaped the numerous ills supposed to be attendant upon infant experience, but their ability to walk and talk with ease was an established fact with them months before the same experience with the brothers and sisters who preceded them could be recorded.

Some time ago my little ten year old son, while walking along a railroad embankment, stepped off into a grassy place where water and marshy vegetation made a likely hiding-palce for reptiles such as are common in this locality, and in doing so he was suddenly conscious of having been stung or bitten. He tried to continue his journey to the woods with his playmates, but because of the pain he decided to return home, a mile and a half distant. He was sustained through the trip back by the protecting power of Truth as learned in Sunday school, for none of his companions returned with him. By the time he reached home the pain had become intense and swelling had set in. I was not at home at the time, but the two older sisters were, and one called over the telephone for a practitioner's help, while the other ran for a neighbor who is a Scientist. I came in a few minutes later to find the boy in bed, white and crying from pain, while fear was plainly manifest in those about him.

Testimony of Healing
For some time before I heard of Christian Science, I longed...
April 3, 1915

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