At every session of the legislature during the past ten years,...

Elko (Nev.) Independent

At every session of the legislature during the past ten years, bills have been introduced which are aimed to serve a fatal blow at Christian Science. Not only is this so in Nevada, but in nearly every state of the Union. The source of these bills has been traced to the American Medical Association. During the first week of the present session of the legislature such a bill was introduced in the Assembly, bill No. 8, almost identical with one introduced last session, which was killed after a hard struggle. The very foundation upon which our system of government rests—the Constitution of the United States—guarantees to our people religious liberty, the right to worship God according to our own lights, and any legislation which might curtail or abridge that right is a fatal blow at free government.

In this day of enlightenment it is strange that some men cannot be made to understand that no legislative measure, however cunningly devised, can force a set of people to accept a certain religious creed or doctrine or to depart from the faith of their acceptance. The hundreds of religious wars of the past, with their untold horrors, which inspired our forefathers to provide for religious liberty, seem to hold no lesson for those who would persecute Christian Scientists by attempting to restrict them in their faith; and they fail to realize that it would be as reasonable to attempt to control the tides as to direct the religious faith and practice of mankind by legislative enactment.

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