In an announcement of a lecture on Emanuel Swedenborg...

Riverside (Cal.) Press

In an announcement of a lecture on Emanuel Swedenborg appearing in a recent isue of the Press, the statement is made that "most of the beautiful spiritual concepts found in Mrs. Eddy's book, Science and Health, are derived from the works of Swedenborg, though their application to bodily health is her own." With due appreciation of the kindly tone of the remark, will you permit me to say that the author is quite mistaken in his assumption, for the very good reason that the Holy Bible was the sole source of Mrs. Eddy's inspiration for the Christian Science text-book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures." To quote her own words, on page 126 of that book she tells us: "I have found nothing in ancient or in modern systems on which to found my own, except the teachings and demonstrations of our great Master and the lives of prophets and apostles. The Bible has been my only authority." Christian Scientists have no differences with those who expound or adhere to other religions, but they prefer that reference to their own beliefs should be correct in statement.

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