Congress is again in session, and likewise a number of...

Western Nevada Miner

Congress is again in session, and likewise a number of state legislatures. If you will take the trouble to investigate, you will find a bill fathered by state or national medical associations before each legislative body—including Congress—calling for medical boards and compulsory medical examinations. In other words, the doctors of one particular school or practice are, through legislative enactments, endeavoring to form a medical trust, and by tyrannical laws and prejudiced boards, to force down the throats of the people their nostrums and theories, whether or no they believe in them. For, even granting the advancement made in medical practice, it is still theoretical rather than scientific.

The bill before Congress to create a national medical board—against which bill Senator Works is so heroically battling—would virtually mean taking the medical care of the children out of the hands of the parents and putting it in the hands of prejudiced boards, and putting their welfare on a par with the government supervision of the health of pigs, lambs, and calves. We have no quarrel with the medical profession, for we number some of our warmest friends among its membership; but, as with a union of church and state, there is no greater menace to the liberties of the people than a union of any particular school of medicine and the state. Two things that the people must guard with jealous vigilance if they would preserve their liberties under our republican form of government, are medical and religious freedom. The entrenchment of either through legislative enactment is the entering wedge of tyranny and the overthrow of personal liberty.

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