"They have taken away my Lord"

When Mary exclaimed at the tomb of Jesus, "They have taken away my Lord," she uttered a cry that has been ringing through the ages from that day to this. In every revolutionary period of religious history those who stood for the old order of things have cried out against the more progressive, You have taken away our Lord. Christian Scientists, thinking in advance of other religionsts, have been subjected to the same accusation by many well-meaning Christians; but a careful analysis of the cause of their apprehension reveals no more of fact on which to base a fear than is found in the usual ghost-stories. The Bible tells us that God is the same throughout all the ages. God changes not; it is the mortal concept of Him that changes. If we have had erroneous concepts of Deity, and Christian Science reveals a clearer, truer sense, it has not taken away our Lord; it has only given a better understanding of a loving heavenly Father.

A child separated from a parent during the years of youth may reach maturity with an exaggerated remembrance of a stern, austere father; but a closer association may later reveals a parental tenderness which will dispel forever the accumulated false opinions of years. So we who have known God only as a stern, just judge, as ready to punish as to reward, have learned through Christian Science how false were our theories concerning Him. Not that God has changed one iota, but our newer conception of Him, as Life, Truth and Love, dissipates the fear and uncertainty which characterized our earlier misunderstanding.

Yussuf Ben Orem
February 6, 1915

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