I am sending this testimony in thankfulness to God for the...

I am sending this testimony in thankfulness to God for the healing I have received through Christian Science, hoping it may be beneficial to some earnest seeker of the truth. After being examined by three doctors in as many cities, all of whom declared I had a very serious form of appendicitis, I was hastily taken to a hospital, where every preparation deemed necessary for an operation was made, as the time had been set for eleven o'clock the following morning.

My wife, who had become interested in Christian Science, came quite early in the morning, and seeing the seriousness of things, pleaded with me to accept Christian Science treatment. I at last consented, and a practitioner was sent for immediately. She arrived at twenty minutes of nine, and after reading Science and Health and showing me the truth of my relation to God, she declared that the same divine power is here today as when Jesus walked the earth. As Jesus said to the man sick with the palsy, "Arise, take up thy bed, and go unto thine house," so she bade me arise and walk; and I said I would. A few minutes later she left me, and I arose, dressed, and rang for the nurse, telling her I wished to leave the hospital as soon as possible, as we had decided to postpone the operation, because I felt perfectly well. She was very much astonished at my attitude, but wished me to wait until the doctor arrived, as it was getting near the time set for the operation. I consented to this, but was met a few moments later by one in authority, with a strong protest at my leaving the hospital.

February 6, 1915

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