Verity of Being

What is man but an expression of Life,—man, whose origin and ultimate is Life? His great endeavor is to understand Life and demonstrate it, that he may thus become conscious of his immortality. We cannot conceive of the loss of anything that exists in God; its form and fashion may change, but it springs from the seed of eternity and hints at realities greater than those we yet know.

Does the simple laborer in some far-off quarry foresee what will become of the stone he is setting free from its prison of earth? Does he dream of vast marble palaces on sunlit slopes, of fountains playing in flowery gardens, of yewclipped paths leading to some retreat graced by a fair statue? His ignorance does not prevent the existence of all this, non does our lack of intelligence or imagination hinder the universal Life from finding its own expression. How insignificant is what we have learned when we compare it with what we do not know.

Ascending Life
November 20, 1915

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