Ascending Life

While material things can never adequately illustrate spiritual truths, yet we may catch glimpses of reality through our human experiences, even as those to whom the parables of the Master were spoken found in them truths whose statement he had adjusted to their comprehension. A ballon trip some time since gave me food for thought in this direction, since it supplied an illustration of the fact that the study of Christian Science keeps the mind so open to Truth that every experience may become a finger pointing to the allness of Spirit.

As the basket in which I stood was lifted from the ground by the golden sphere above it, the first sensation was that of a rapidly widening horizon, which seemed to rise swiftly all about me like a huge ring. The surface of the earth took on the appearance of a level plain. All inequalities were merged in a great tessellated carpet of green, brown, and gold. The highways became ribbons, and then threads of white crossing the parti-colored map below, but in them were no steep or rough places, from this point of view. The city which had seemed a great confusion, became orderly and peaceful, and as we passed over the surrounding country its long straight roads, its meadows, farms, and forests, presented a picture of beauty and order in entire contrast to that received by the near-by observer.

Omnipotent and Omnipresent
November 20, 1915

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