Let justice hold her scale, and truth divide...

Let justice hold her scale, and truth divideBetween the right and wrong; but give the heartThe freedom of its fair inheritance;Let the poor prisoner, cramped and starved so long,At nature's table feast his ear and eyeWith joy and wonder; let all harmoniesOf sound, form, color, motion, wait uponThe princely guest, whether in soft attireOf leisure clad, or the coarse frock of toil.And, lending life to the dead form of faith,Give human nature reverence for the sakeOf One who bore it, making it divineWith the ineffable tenderness of God;Let common need, the brotherhood of prayer,The heirship of an unknown destiny,The unsolved mystery round about us. makeA man more precious than the gold of Ophir.Sacred, inviolate, unto whom all thingsShould minister, as outward types and signsOf the eternal beauty which fulfilsThe one great purpose of creation, Love,The sole necessity of earth and heaven!Whittier.

"Let your light so shine"
October 9, 1915

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