Not long ago The Recorder published in full a learned...

The Recorder

Not long ago The Recorder published in full a learned paper entitled "The Definition of Insanity," which was read before the Albany County Medical Society by Doctor—.The implication of this paper was that for one to attempt to get well in any but the way approved by the allopathic or so-called regular school of medicine was little short of insanity.

Perhaps the critic did not realize where his line of reasoning would lead him, for if to depart from material medicine for the treatment of disease is an indication of mental deficiency, then Jesus of Nazareth, his followers for at least two hundred years, and finally the thousands upon thousands of intelligent people who are today living witnesses of the healing power of Christian Science, would have to be included among the mentally deficient. Despite the fact that our civilization is based upon the teachings of the one who without the aid of drugs or material remedies of any kind proved himself to be the most successful healer the world has ever known, so-called medical scientists have in their search for light consciously or unconsciously overlooked the all-important method by which Jesus performed his wonderful works. History does not record that he failed in a single case.

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