Within the past two years I, as well as several of my friends...

Within the past two years I, as well as several of my friends and acquaintances, have been led to look upon Christian Science from an entirely different standpoint. Upon having access to some of the Christian Science literature, I began to read the articles and testimonies, soon becoming interested to such an extent that I attended services in the Christian Science churches in Los Angeles and was much impressed with the peaceful, happy contentment pervading these meetings.

I had been engaged in educational work for a number of years, and in the spring of 1913, feeling the need of a change, started north on a business trip. It was during this period that I began to read and study with increasing interest more of the Christian Science literature which was sent me from time to time by relatives and friends. For several months I had not been feeling strong either mentally or physically, but I soon noticed that a decided improvement was manifested as the light of Truth came into my consciousness. Especially was this true shortly after my arrival in Santa Cruz, where I was visiting prior to my return home. In this beautiful seaside city, where for upward of thirty years I had resided with my family and taught as principal of grammar schools, I received from God the help and healing I had so much desired. It came through the unfolding of the truth manifested in the study and understanding of Christian Science literature, and especially through the spiritual uplift gained from Science and Health. Here also I met a number of Christian Scientists, who by their understanding of Life, Truth, and Love were enabled to effect a change in my mentality from a lower material plane to the higher plane of spiritual consciousness.

Testimony of Healing
When I was thirteen years old I suffered from what is...
October 9, 1915

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