Several years ago I was one of the most wretched of women

Several years ago I was one of the most wretched of women. I was sick all the time, having been subject to severe headaches all my life, and I was in deep sorrow. I was poor because I was too ill to work, and too despondent and discouraged to want to live. I felt that death would be a relief. I had facial neuralgia so severely that there were two occasions when for three days a teaspoon could not pass between my teeth far enough for nourishment to be taken. I also had what our family physician termed a rheumatic condition, and he informed me that I would have a long siege of illness. I suffered from stomach disorder, throat trouble, and other ills. I had many doctors and tried almost every known remedy, sometimes with temporary relief.

One day, when I had lost all hope and was suffering intensely, I was advised by a young lady friend who had been cured of defective eyesight and neuralgia, to go to a Christian Science practitioner whose name and address she gave me. I did not doubt what she said, but I did not believe that anything could cure me, so I suffered on for three more days and nights, and then decided to go. I have been very thankful ever since that I did go, though I was so weak that I had difficulty in walking to the practitioner's house.

Testimony of Healing
The truth as revealed through the study of Christian Science...
November 21, 1914

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