I had been studying Christian Science about a year and...

I had been studying Christian Science about a year and had taken a few treatments for a trouble with my leg, but as yet had apparently obtained no benefit. At three o'clock in the morning, Jan. 25, 1910, I awoke with my chest, throat, and head so congested that it was with difficulty I could get my breath. My first impulse was at once to wire a Christian Science practitioner at Kansas City, Mo., for treatment, but it was so near morning I decided to wait and wire then. Lying there, suffering, I thought: "How hard it is to understand Christian Science! There ought to be some way to make it easier." Just then I began to get a little sleepy, and the thought came to me that God would take care of me, so I dropped to sleep, but soon, feeling a muscular jerk of my whole body, I awoke. I was perfectly free, and I never felt better in my life. The thought at once came to me, "Did I dream all this?" Then I remembered that I awoke with a jerk; this was the proof I needed, as it is just when losing consciousness that I have this experience, and at no other times. This proved to me that I had been awake, and consequently it was no dream. I had had catarrh all my life up to this time, but have been perfectly free from it ever since. At the age of sixty-nine years I am enjoying as good health as I ever had in my life.

My thankfulness goes out in all its fulness to God for the love He has given His children, and I am also deeply grateful to Mrs. Eddy for directing our feet into the path that leads to eternal life.—A. D. Battey, Topeka, Kan.

November 21, 1914

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