A contributor to the Journal's columns recently expressed...

Silverton (Ore.) Journal

A contributor to the Journal's columns recently expressed the opinion that Christian Science teaches its followers to believe disease can be overcome "by just thinking you are well." In fact, Christian Science teaches nothing of the kind, and the misconception that it does, could not be held by any one who had given the subject fair investigation. What Christian Science teaches and proves, is that the evidence of disease presented to man by the material senses can be destroyed by a scientific, correct knowledge of God and man's rightful relationship to Him.

Christian Science affirms that there is but one God, one cause, who is supreme now and always; that God is Mind, Spirit, infinite and good; that man is made by God, and must therefore be like Him, spiritual and good. It teaches that God, being only good, could not create evil, which therefore can have no place in His creation; that the phenomena of evil, and the mortal and material universe, are the counterfeits of the true creation, and exist only as a lie exists—in false belief. Christian Science also declares that man may find his freedom from the oppression of mortality through gaining an understanding of God, by whom he is made and governed, so laying hold of his spiritual selfhood designated by Paul as "the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness."

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