If I were to allow thought to dwell upon what I represented...

If I were to allow thought to dwell upon what I represented to humanity before I knew of Christian Science, I would be appalled at the picture. When a small child I had been run over, with the result that my skull was fractured. I had also fallen down-stairs, which caused abscesses of the head. The doctors all agreed that if I lived to be over twenty I would have to be kept quiet and happy. Most of my childhood and girlhood was spent in seeking health, and I used to tell my parents that I was costing them more in doctor's bills than I was worth. Far from being quiet and happy, I lived in nervous excitement, and have known some very bitter unhappiness. I was also a constant sufferer from neuralgia, and never free from sore and aching feet.

Truly I am now a different woman, and the understanding of Christian Science has accomplished the change. From being a Bible reader, I have become a Bible student. Instead of a careless, irresponsible, bend-with-the-wind sort of person, I am becoming more careful, dependable, and firm. Even as did the Master, I say, "I can of mine own self do nothing," but I know that with God "all things are possible." I find that with constant study of the Bible, and "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, I am proving all things, chief of which is the fact that Truth is first, last, and always.

From Our Exchanges
November 21, 1914

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