I wish to express the gratitude of my heart for what...

I wish to express the gratitude of my heart for what Christian Science has done for me. It is several years since I walked across the street to an old friend to ask her something about this teaching. She had been away for years, and I knew she was called a Christian Scientist, but I had no idea what Christian Science was. A lady who knew of a healing in Christian Science, and who had been living near me, asked why I did not try it, though she was not a Scientist herself. I did not then heed the call, although I had suffered for twenty years and had spent a great deal of money in search of health. I had undergone one operation and prepared for another, and was going in two more months for a final one. The surgeon had told me to go home and take the medicine he left me, and by the time he came back to Fort Worth in September he thought I would be able to undergo the operation.

The doctors had said that my general system was broken down and my nerves were in such a condition that I could not be operated on for months; and it seemed that if I did not get relief I could not live until September came. But when we prepared for the minor operation I caught cold (I seemed very susceptible to colds), and as my trouble had been aggravated by the attack, the doctors would not operate. To mortal sense there seemed to be no hope, unless a very serious and dangerous operation were performed; but man's extremity was God's opportunity. When I said I had no confidence in any faith-healing, my dear friend replied, "You do believe in God, don't you?" I had believed in God and trusted Him since a child.

Testimony of Healing
If I were to allow thought to dwell upon what I represented...
November 21, 1914

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