Apropos the pending triangular religious controversy between...

San Diego (Cal.) Sun

Apropos the pending triangular religious controversy between three reverend doctors, possibly the views of the ordinary layman might aid in squaring the issue; more especially, too, from the fact that any bias or theological erudition is disclaimed.

As I understand it, Dr. —'s appeal is to the church universal; but, nevertheless, he sees fit to go out of his way to criticize the Jewish, Catholic, and Unitarian creeds, and especially to attack Christian Science. College men and women, learned physicians, divines, lawyers, judges, and statesmen, are found among the votaries of Christian Science, and no higher plane of intelligence and education obtains in any religious denomination than in the societies generally of this faith. This is a practical age, and mankind has long been seeking, not merely an ethical faith, but a practical one, one that is an ever-present help in time of need; and Christian Scientists claim to have found it, and to be demonstrating it every day. Ecclesiastical wrangling over reputed heretics and man-made creeds surely never has furthered and never can further the kingdom of God. While it may not be denominationally religious, still I have always been imbued with the idea that a splendid and quite essential Christian adjunct and humane trait is at least a little of the "milk of human kindness" and toleration for those who may honestly differ from some of one's own views.

Seeking the Light
November 21, 1914

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