Christian Science came to me like an angel, at the midnight...

Christian Science came to me like an angel, at the midnight hour. Mrs. Eddy defines angels as "God's thoughts passing to man" (Science and Health, p. 581), and such a thought came to me one night in the year 1906, bidding me try Christian Science. I was then on what was believed to be my death-bed. My children and my relatives were afraid to leave the house, for fear I would pass on at any moment. For two days and nights the doctor did not give any hope, saying that I was too old and there was no chance for my recovery. I had been suffering from hemorrhage of the nose for almost two weeks. At first we called in our family doctor, and a week later a well-known physician in our neighborhood, but they could not help me. I grew weaker from day to day, and the evening of the last day of February the doctor was at my bedside from eight until twelve o'clock, when he left with the expectation that I would not live till morning. But "man's extremity is God's opportunity."

As soon as the doctor left, I made up my mind to try Christian Science, and when the nurse wanted to give me some medicine at three o'clock, I refused to take it. I have not touched a drop of medicine since. I told the nurse that as soon as daylight came one of my sons would look for a Christian Science practitioner. Those called upon were busy in the forenoon, but at last my sister-in-law procured one at two o'clock in the afternoon. When the gentleman came, he gave me a treatment which lasted about half an hour, and then I felt like one new born, I was so much better. I was able to move on my side, whereas I had been on my back most of the time, for as soon as I would turn the least bit, the hemorrhage would be worse. When I moved on my side after the treatment, the left side seemed paralyzed, but this was better soon, and the trouble left me the next day. A week afterward I had a relapse, and my children wanted to call the doctor, but I told them I did not want one. Then they called the Christian Science practitioner, and when he came at eleven o'clock in the evening, I told him I wanted to die in peace; but he said that I should not fear, for I would not die, that God was my life. The practitioner stayed with me until midnight, and he engaged a Christian Science nurse for the next day. In her presence I felt safe and secure, and I improved rapidly. I had three weeks' treatment altogether.

Testimony of Healing
About four years ago I had what is known as granulated...
November 21, 1914

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