Sunday School

The term Sunday school in its general use signifies an organization for the purpose of giving Christian instruction to youth. To the Christian Scientist, however, there is a metaphysical standpoint which, when gained and held, lifts the concept of Sunday school as far above human organization as Christian Science lifts the church above the material institution with its ceremonies and rites, and identifies it with the consciousness that proceeds from divine Principle. We reach this point as we lift thought above the human elements,—the personnel of the children and teachers, the Sunday school rooms and their equipment,—and then ask ourselves, What have we left? In this process there will be no sense of loss, since we know that in taking away matter we have done nothing to Mind; we have but turned from the lower to the higher, from the temporal to the permanent.

This real Sunday school is an individualized consciousness that is pure, childlike, teachable; a consciousness in which spiritual ideas of Truth unfold naturally, according to law and order, and are to be assimilated and demonstrated. Its foundation is built upon obedience to the ten commandments, the spiritual understanding of the Lord's Prayer, and the fulfilment of the beatitudes. It is equipped with spiritual intelligence, lighted by revelation, and taught and superintended by God, divine Mind. Its music is the praise of innocence; its pupils are the hopes and aspirations of higher humanity; its one teacher is the Christ-idea in each individual consciousness. This Sunday school is a vital part of that "structure of Truth and Love" which Mrs. Eddy tells us "rests upon and proceeds from divine Principle" (Science and Health, p. 583).

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