The truth as revealed through the study of Christian Science...

The truth as revealed through the study of Christian Science was shown to me by a very dear girl friend who had been healed of St. Vitus' dance, and whose mother had been cured of a complication of diseases after having been pronounced incurable by the doctors. Although it was through these healings that I saw the truth, it was my desire that led me to take up the study, and not the physical results. I had attended Sunday school for seven years prior to this time, and had been quite a regular attendant, but it never appealed to me very much, and I always thought that there was something more in the Scriptures than I was learning. This vacancy is now being filled by my daily study of the Christian Science Lesson-Sermons, by the Wednesday evening meetings, church services, and Sunday school.

I am more grateful than words can express for the fact that I became interested in Christian Science before any prejudice against the subject had arisen in my thought. This left me free from the necessity to demonstrate over that error, for which I am very thankful, and I feel that most members of our Sunday schools will join me in this. I heard of Christian Science for the first time about seven years ago, and it seemed quite strange to me, as I was only eleven years of age at that time, that these people should read the Bible and Science and Health every day. Religion seemed to me something only for Sundays ; but as I never argued concerning beliefs about God, and as none of my family or friends were looking into Christian Science, I did not become interested, and therefore knew nothing of the subject to be prejudiced about. Then, about four years ago, my friend told me of the God who had done so much for her and her mother, and said that through these healings her father had become convinced that there was a God who, when he knew Him aright and called on Him, would lead out of all darkness into eternal light.

Testimony of Healing
I had been studying Christian Science about a year and...
November 21, 1914

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