Our critic asserts that it is not through personal antagomism...

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Our critic asserts that it is not through personal antagomism that he is impelled to take up the discussion of Christian Science, but that he is actuated only by a sense of "duty to stand up for Christ and his gospel." We consider it our brother's Christian duty to stand for Christ's ministry, but to maintain this stand requires a true knowledge of "Christ and his gospel." What constitutes this scientific or spiritual knowledge is not a personal question, and its answer must be based upon the law and the testimony to be correct. Christ's words came from his right understanding of the law and the testimony, and brought results, even his works of healing. Christian Science teaches that his words and works cannot be separated, that a religion based upon "Christ and his gospel," the law and the testimony, permits of no such separation, and that the Christian of today must compass the destruction of sin, disease, and death as Jesus did, to be his follower, thus bringing to light the omnipotence and omnipresence of God, good. Even the casual reader of the Christian Science publications readily detects that our critic is sitting in judgment upon a subject of which he has a misapprehension.

To detach a sentence in Science and Health from its original paragraph, regardless of its context, is to destroy the original or spiritual meaning conveyed by the author, and Bible quotations when used in like manner become contradictory. Our critic says that Mrs. Eddy teaches that God is Principle and not a person. Here he mistakes the spiritual meaning of the words Principle and person as used in Christian Science. A proper understanding of the term Principle, and its metaphysical usage, removes from it any harsh or physical abstractness which the human sense may have attached to it. Principle is causation; it is primary, or that from which something proceeds. We have divine authority for declaring that God created all that is created, hence He must necessarily be the cause or Principle of the universe. The Scriptures also teach that "God is love." This teaching Christian Science emphasizes by declaring that the source, the basis, the cause, the divine Principle of all true being, is infinite Love. The teachings of Christian Science affirm the infinite personality of God, and impart a demonstrable understanding of His completeness and divine nature; they also declare that infinite, omnipresent Love is not a person in an anthropomorphic sense, and that infinite Spirit cannot be classified as a finite material organism humanly known as person.

November 21, 1914

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