States of Consciousness

The great thinkers of the world who have pressed home the question of the sources of knowledge, have shown that in the last analysis all we know is thought, since the process of knowing is itself a process of thinking. Therefore the only world we know is a mental world, the circle of our own consciousness. Whence spirings that consciousness, and by what is the river of thought fed? This has become the important question.

Men have called the creative Principle by the name of God, and sought in many ways to find the nature of God as thus conceived. Christian Science shows that since like produces like, the creative source of conscious being is Mind, and that life is to be found and understood by keeping to this definition, and not by seeking to belittle God by interposing another creator of opposite nature, called matter. Since we know only mental things, matter must be a guess at something different from the mental. Experience of Christian Science demonstration proves that the Principle of all things is indeed Mind, and that this Mind is Immanuel, "God with us." Christian Science demonstration—healing the sick and blotting out evil conditions—is the bringing into daily manifestation the beneficent and all-powerful Being whom Jesus called our heavenly Father.

Truth Never Reversed
October 3, 1914

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