Under the caption, "Rid of Mental Rubbish," your valued...

Herald Dispatch

Under the caption, "Rid of Mental Rubbish," your valued paper reported the sermon of a prominent clergyman in Utica, in which he condemned what he considered to be the teaching of Christian Science. Among other things he is reported to have said that Christian Science teaches the pantheistic and unchristian belief that all material phenomena manifest God, and that because of this teaching mankind is robbed of the true essence and benefit of prayer. In justice to all concerned, I desire to say that Christian Science is in no way responsible for such conclusions as the worthy gentleman has seen fit to credit to it. The study of its text-book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, would without possibility of doubt inform the inquirer that it teaches exactly the opposite. Christian Science accepts the premise that God is infinite, omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient, that He is the only cause or creator, and that He is wholly good. From this premise it concludes that all which is opposed to this God, all that is unlike good, all that is unlovely, impure, evil, or limited, classified generally as sin and disease, is unnatural and without actual law or power. Those who are consistent with this conclusion find their existence enlightened by a quickened sense of the omnipresence and power of good, and are enabled to abandon or overcome evil as an imposition.

The proofs given by Christ Jesus in overcoming evil with good were illustrations of divine law, through which Truth triumphs over error, good over evil, and Love over fear. These proofs are as possible today as then, because God and His spiritual law are unchangeable. The peace bestowed through the demonstration of Christ Jesus, which seems somewhat problematical to our reverend friend, is the legitimate result of the consciousness and proof of good. This good is attained only by spiritual thinking, based not upon the phenomena of matter, but upon the substance and healing power of Truth and Love.

March 8, 1913

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