Being unable to attend the Wednesday evening meetings,...

Being unable to attend the Wednesday evening meetings, except on rare occasions, I desire to express my gratitude for Christian Science through the medium of our Sentinel. There is perhaps no more practical test of the value of Christian Science than in the case of a family of small children. In the last five years no doctor has been in our house, and no material remedy of any kind has been resorted to. There are five children, and they have at various times manifested the ailments to which children are believed to be subject; but all these have been healed through Science, in many cases without the aid of a practitioner. The list includes what is called ivy poisoning, overcome in one treatment, and measles in three hours, without a practitioner. One of our little girls was stricken with illness at the same time, and with the same symptoms as her little friend. The doctor diagnosed it as a serious throat affection. Our little one was quite well in one day under Christian Science treatment. Her friend, under the care of a doctor, died in an hour after the injection of antitoxin.

One more experience occurs to me. Our eldest girl had a bad attack of skin disease. The doctor at the school sent her home with instructions as to the treatment. I called on him and claimed the right to make use of whatever system of healing I thought best. He made all kinds of threats, but at the intervention of the school principal gave me two weeks to find a cure, or go before the board of health. The case was handed over to a Christian Science practitioner, and in the time stipulated the child was sent back to school healed. All these things are the "signs following" which Christian Science promised, and they are, as our Leader has said, "but the bugle-call to thought and action" (Rudimental Divine Science, p. 2).

Testimony of Healing
I owe so much to Christian Science that I feel it my duty...
March 8, 1913

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