Healing in Christian Science

On first coming into contact with Christian Science as a remedial system, some appear to doubt the declaration that a careful study of the text-book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," will heal diseased physical conditions. The use of material remedies has so generally constituted all practise for the cure of physical ills, in the experience of a majority of the people, that their lack of faith in curative results being obtained from the perusal of a book is not strange. Numerous instances where such cures have been accomplished are becoming so well known, however, that the worth of this healing is now recognized by many who know not how it is done. Those who, having been cured in this manner, wish to share their good fortune with friends, sometimes find the removal of doubt from the consciousness of another very interesting, and also the consequent awakening of appreciation to the truth about Christian Science healing.

That fear and anger affect the physical condition is familiar to all, and they know further that the removal of the exciting cause, in almost every instance, will restore a normal state in a brief time. In Christian Science practise, freedom from the disturbed physical condition and restoration of the normal mental poise can be accomplished by study of truths relative to one's being. Unlike blind faith in personal influence or a senseless drug, these truths operate through the spiritualization of thought, which does not correct discord by changing the sense of disease into another emotional state, but by substituting for every thought of an emotional cast the understanding of Spirit's omnipotence, operating through spiritual law.

October 18, 1913

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