It is a fact susceptible of easy confirmation that while no...

Lancaster (Pa.) Intelligencer

It is a fact susceptible of easy confirmation that while no people on earth as a class are more healthy, no people on earth as a class consider physical health of less relative importance than do Christian Scientists. One whose ideals rise no higher than to seek satisfaction in animal ease can find little or nothing in Christian Science to attract, but on the contrary, is likely to be repelled by its imperative demands for clean and pure living and thinking, and the scant value it places on the joys of the flesh. It is true that the great growth of the Christian Science movement has been recruited largely from among the ranks of those who have turned to it for the healing of physical ills after having vainly sought relief in other systems, but it is also true that at the very outstart these seekers for health have been confronted with the unalterable rule that the healing of sickness in Christian Science results from and is incidental to the healing of sin. The desire to be saved from evil of some sort had ever been an impelling motive of mankind in its approach to religion, but in proportion as the religion has been true has the individual discovered that to grow therein one must acquire higher aims than mere personal benefit. This is especially true of Christian Science.

July 27, 1912

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