Although I have upon several occasions endeavored to...

Although I have upon several occasions endeavored to give expression to my feelings of gratitude for benefits received through Christian Science, I take this opportunity to submit a testimony of my first healing, which I trust will help some seeker after Truth to realize the omnipotence of God. In the latter part of the year 1906, according to the testimony of several physicians, I was a nervous wreck. At their suggestion I went South for several months, only to return in the same or probably worse condition. I was having frequent and very severe attacks, and my fear of them was so great that it seemed quite impossible to leave home, no matter how short the distance, unless accompanied by some member of the family. The only relief I seemed to receive was from large doses of medicine.

At this point I decided to try Christian Science, as a last resort. After perhaps three or four treatments I was able to visit the practitioner alone, a distance of about six miles, and in two weeks I was prepared to do almost anything I had done previous to my sickness. In a very short time I resumed business, completely healed. Not only was I healed at this time of the nervous trouble, but was readily convinced of the absolute uselessness of eye-glasses, which I had then worn for about six years, the symptoms which were primarily the cause of their adoption having entirely disappeared. It is needless to say that I am exceedingly grateful.—D. A. Garber, Pittsburg, Pa.

Testimony of Healing
For more than two years I have wanted to tell others...
July 1, 1911

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