In 1900 I was driven from my home and occupation by...

In 1900 I was driven from my home and occupation by the accumulated beliefs in poor health during my own and two or three previous lifetimes. By the end of 1905 I was not only alone in a strange city and a strange state, but my efforts to find and retain good health had left me barely able to do the easiest work, and hopelessly discouraged. I had lately been obliged to stop eating ordinary food, and had just failed in the last of several attempts to get well on "health foods." At about this time I began a second experience with Christian Science. Fortunately I was led to see that material objects might really be less absolute than they seem to be. I was told that Christian Science would enable me both to eat and work,—that it would make me well. That was my one great and imperative necessity. As I had tried practically every other known means without lasting success, I could do no less than to try Christian Science; which I proceeded to do, although I was timid and more than half ashamed. When I was asked to go to church, that was quite a poser, for church-going had been neglected for a long time; but then Christian Science promised results that simply had to be secured; and besides, as soon as I could see it at all, I perceived that it was associated with some beautiful ideals, so I asked what I should do to receive the promised benefits to the fullest possible extent.

I am very thankful for those students who were wise enough and kind enough to lead me gently through those trying times. I shall never forget the first evening I went to my room with a borrowed copy of Science and Health, ready to read. It was the last day of the old year. I had been having serious trouble with my eyes for several months and had been able to read only a few minutes at a time, but I read that book almost continuously from seven o'clock until about midnight. As several great whistles sounded the passing of the old year and the coming of the new, I felt absolutely certain that the old troubles were going out of my experience, and that something good and true was coming in. I had never felt so glad and thankful in my life. That settled it. I would have bought a copy of Science and Health the next morning if one had been for sale on New Year day. The following day I did buy one, and began to search its pages "as for hid treasure." Having been advised to employ a practitioner, I did so for a couple of weeks, and the following are some of the benefits received.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to express my gratitude for what Christian Science...
September 10, 1910

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