Critics must pay earnest heed to what Christian Science...

Anaheim (Cal.) Plain Dealer

Critics must pay earnest heed to what Christian Science gives in place of what it takes away. Then, and only then, will they be able to understand the statements regarding evil, sin, disease, and death. We cannot find God by searching from a material standpoint. We must classify the spiritual as the real, because it is like God, Spirit. All else "profiteth nothing;" because it is temporal, finite, unreal. It is on this basis that Christian Science is revealing the Life that is "the light of men."

As understood in Christian Science, man is spiritual because he is the image and likeness of God, Spirit. This man is not a mortal. No endeavor is made to place the false mortal concept of man on the basis with or the level of God. In revealing the real nature man Christian Science uncovers and destroys the philosophy of the serpent, root and branch. Here again our critic is reasoning from a material standpoint in discussing spiritual things. You cannot mix the two any more than light can commune with darkness or Christ have concord with Belial.

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