From beginning to end the Bible and our own spiritual intuition bear unmistakable testimony to the fact that God has a definite plan for man and the universe; a plan which includes man's dominion over all the earth, and which also includes a fulfilment of the promises to each and every one who presses forward conscientiously and actively in the footsteps of the Wayshower. This glorious, good plan is written upon the hearts and in the minds of God's children, and in it we see all things working together "for good to them that love God." We also begin to understand these much-wrested words of St. Paul, "Whom he did foreknow [the spiritual idea], he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son." We therefore feel assured of our high destiny, and we know that nothing can hinder its complete unfoldment.

But what is this other plan which seems to be at work, distressing and destroying the legitimate peace and harmony and the righteous reward of those who seek good? In aping God, evil (the lie) claims also to have a plan for man and the universe—a plan of sin, sickness, failure, sorrow, death. To the unenlightened this seeming contradiction in the logic of creation is disheartening and discouraging beyond words, and it seems altogether at variance with the wisdom and love of the creator. Because of this, human life seems to be a continual warfare between good and evil, between salvation and damnation, and confused mortals never seem to know which one will prevail.

May 21, 1910

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