I have before me an editorial entitled "Hypnotic Goodness,"...

Yonkers (N. Y.) News

I have before me an editorial entitled "Hypnotic Goodness," wherein it is suggested that good deeds may be inspired by hypnotic control and it is also stated that Mrs. Eddy attributes power to evil thoughts. In an earlier issue an account is given of Dr. Fluno's lecture with head-lines stating that Christian Science is not mesmerism, and as mesmerism and hypnotism are the same, it would appear that the editorial is already answered.

As I understand hypnotic control, it is the state which prevails when one person assumes control of the mind of another person, and in this, mesmerism and hypnotism are synonymous. When in such a state the victim performs acts involuntarily. But to do good, one must have the desire and intention to do good; hence it is evident that a person under hypnotic control could not individually produce righteousness, which means right thinking.

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