A lecture on Christian Science was delivered at the Elks' Home by Judge Septimus J. Hanna, Sunday afternoon, Sept. 3. He was introduced as follows by Judge C. N. Potter:—

Religion or religious belief has such an important bearing upon the life of the individual, the community, and the nation, and is usually so dependent upon the influence of nativity, training, or environment, that the promulgation of a theory antagonistic to or in advance of preconceived ideas, is necessarily a profoundly significant event. It may become, so to speak, a new force swaying the heart and impulse of mankind so as to deserve and receive the most thoughtful and intelligent consideration. However skeptical one may be concerning the particular doctrines, creed, or faith of the Christian Science church, the fact cannot be mistaken or ignored that it represents one of the most remarkable movements of this or any age in the progress of religious thought—a movement which seems to one not professing a belief in its theories to appeal rather to the intellect than to the emotions, and to develop a deep spiritual insight, while seeking the promotion of the happiness, peace, and content of mankind by bringing the individual into harmony with divine Mind. In so short a period that it is one of the striking events of the present generation, the Christian Science faith and the Christian Science church have had a marvelous and substantial growth, and we have witnessed in that period the erection in almost every important center of population in this country of stately, beautiful, and commodious edifices devoted to Christian Science instruction and worship, all bearing testimony of the constantly enlarging circle of its influence, while the excellence of character, fervency of faith, and purity of life taught by the church and exemplified by its membership commands universal admiration.

October 15, 1910

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