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It is with a sense of deep gratitude that I testify to what...

It is with a sense of deep gratitude that I testify to what Christian Science has done for me. When I was a year old, an operation was performed on the left leg, which, however, remained weak, and flat feet resulted, so that it became necessary for me to wear a special shoe. During the time I attended school I suffered greatly from headaches, which grew worse in the course of years, and I was weakened in mind and body through disease. Eight years ago it again became necessary for me to undergo medical treatment for the foot, as walking had become very difficult. All sorts of material remedies were resorted to, but without success; my condition rather grew worse, as for a time I could take scarcely any nourishment. The stomach was weak, in short the whole organism did not perform its functions properly, and there were days on which I was almost unable to attend to the necessary household duties. In spite of the kind efforts and advice of various reputable physicians of both schools, I did not get well. I then was advised to take other treatment, which I did, but I was not healed of my diseases. I became greatly discouraged, as I saw that in spite of the great patience and endeavors of the one who was trying to help me, the various troubles kept coming up.

At that time I became acquainted with Christian Science, and gradually learned that God, infinite Principle, is the only healer, and that He is an ever-present help in time of trouble. After the first Christian Science treatment I improved perceptibly. The practitioner explained to me this healing method, and gave me some copies of Der Heroldto read. (To this publication I later subscribed.) Through having treatment once a week, which consisted solely in having the teachings of Christian Science explained to me, and through the reading of Der Herold and other Christian Science literature, I began to understand that God has made man whole, and that he cannot be made sick. I endeavored to apply in a practical way what I had heard and read. At first I worked with a sense of will-power, but not long, it being explained to me that I should make no progress in following such a course. I resolved to work quietly and patiently, and soon had good results, being able, with my small understanding of Science, to overcome a minor as well as a more serious ailment.

Testimony of Healing
It was not the physical healing which attracted me to...
October 15, 1910

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