A good example of optimism is that given by Christian Scientists


A good example of optimism is that given by Christian Scientists. Meet one or a dozen of them wherever one may, and one is usually impressed that here is a happy people. Not many years ago, a confession to any such leaning was equivalent to being classed with the faddists and "cranks" of the community; but even then Christian Scientists were optimists of the first water. They were convinced that right ruled, and they cared not a whit for anything else. Today, throughout the United States and foreign lands, thousands find this belief satisfying. It is practical optimism, since by its use they keep happiness, prosperity, and first-class health.

The business man needs optimism throughout all departments of his establishement. The housewife must have it if she would build a real home. The professional man, whether in the ministry, the law, or medicine, finds it his best assistant. This, of course, must needs be the real optimism. Not the smiling exterior which conceals but poorly the underlying moroseness or despondency, but the simon-pure article which comes from the heart, whereby its owner finds life so worth the living that his enthusiasm and steadfast courage, even in dark days, spread to all around him. Inwardly and outwardly the Christian Scientist strives to keep a crystal-clear consciousness of the fact that good is the only thing worth knowing. He never says or thinks that the country is going to the dogs. He is never caught mourning aloud about the scarcity of money, the dearth of good servants, nor the supposed increase of immorality in the world. He rules despondency of all kinds out of thought, and the result is that every one in his vicinity feels the better for it.

October 15, 1910

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