Some little time ago a young student in Christian Science said to a friend of the writer : "I wish I were a good speaker. I have had a very beautiful healing through Christian Science for which I am extremely grateful, but somehow or other I cannot pluck up enough courage to give a testimony at a Wednesday evening meeting. You know, I have never yet spoken in public."

The friend replied: "Perhaps I can help you to overcome your fears and doubts. Suppose you were to enter a law court where a man was being tried for his life. Suppose the circumstantial evidence was so much against him that conviction seemed certain. Suppose it so happened that you alone of all the persons present possessed such knowledge of his innocence that your evidence if given would free him: would you not give it? Would the fear of your being a poor speaker hold you back from giving the evidence that would save the man? Would the presence of judge, jury, and trained pleaders prevent you from speaking what you knew to be the truth? Could anything deter you? No, a thousand times! Your sole thought would be to free the man unjustly accused. Now, a Christian Science church on a Wednesday evening may hold some unfortunate who has been sentenced by some supposed material law to suffer or die. You and every other Christian Scientist present have evidence in your possession which will free that man from his unjust sentence. Will the thought that you do not consider yourself a good speaker prevent you from helping your brother? Will anything keep you from bearing witness to the truth that makes men free? Of course not."

October 15, 1910

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