It is now over three years since I learned of Christian Science...

It is now over three years since I learned of Christian Science, and it has made me the happiest, healthiest, and I believe one of the most contented men on earth. A testimony of my healing appeared in the Sentinel of Aug. 1, 1908; but I did not tell all that was overcome, so I am writing this with a hope that it may interest those who are thirsting for a better understanding of God and His ways. Besides being a physical wreck and a sufferer from sleeplessness for over a year, I also had a severe case of liver complaint, so serious that medicines had no effect; but as I began to study "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" and the Lesson-Sermons, in less than eight weeks my system began to work regularly and I have been in perfect health ever since. I can truthfully say that I have not reverted to any material remedies since I learned of this blessed truth, but have overcome these ailments simply by studying our text-book and constantly reading the Sentinel and other Christian Science literature. I used to frequent all-night sociables, where I would smoke, drink, and be merry; but Christian Science has helped me so that the smoking and drinking habits have vanished into nothingness, and instead of frequenting those places, I find more pleasure in going to my room after my day's work is over, where I now have better companions, with God, His Christ, and the Comforter promised by the Master and revealed in Christian Science.

Some time ago I had a most remarkable demonstration. In jumping from my wagon I severely injured my ankle. This happened on a Friday just about noon, but I continued delivery all that evening, getting off and on the wagon as best I could, continually declaring the truth and repeating the "scientific statement of being" (Science and Health, p. 468). When I got in that evening I hobbled to my room, a distance of seven blocks, and immediately went to work to treat myself, without the aid of a practitioner, and when I awoke the next morning my surprise may be imagined when I got up to find that the trouble had all vanished into nothingness. I am indeed thankful to God, and to our dear Leader for this blessed truth. I am giving out Christian Science literature on my various routes and wherever I can, and am doing just as our text-book tells us, "Give them a cup of cold water in Christ's name, and never fear the consequences" (Ibid., p. 570).

Testimony of Healing
Four years ago, when I came into Christian Science, I...
October 15, 1910

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