Talking about newspapers, let me go on record as a...

San Jose (Cal.) Mercury

Talking about newspapers, let me go on record as a reader and admirer of The Christian Science Monitor. Next to the New York Evening Post, it is nearer real literature than any newspaper printed in this country. Its columns are clean and informative, its features original and capital in style, its editorials both virile and finished. The byways are not raked for the salacious scandal, nor is it a purveyor of the reddened dramas of modern society. It is a well-written, sweet-tempered medium, a wholesome, powerful influence in the land at a time when the dailies as a rule are up to their ears in cheap sensationalism. It would be a narrow-minded denominationalist who failed to see the worth of this superior journal, and a still narrower one who refused to read it simply because it is the official organ of the church founded by Mrs. Eddy.

October 15, 1910

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