Humanity loves liberty, rejoices in religious freedom,...

Kansas City (Mo.) Spirit

Humanity loves liberty, rejoices in religious freedom, nourishes the enlightenment which best promotes health and happiness, and cherishes the hope that some day universal harmony will reign supreme among men. Mankind, however, today seems enveloped in a state of unrest. The indomitable spirit of personal control, power, greed, selfishness, has taken possession of men in various professions and occupations of life; noble aspirations, implanted in the minds of promising young men, have been poisoned in legislative halls where these malign influences do its bidding, ostensibly in the interest of public good, and unless some turn in the affairs of nation-building corrects this evil tendency, the spread of its power will sooner or later destroy the sacred rights and privileges guaranteed all citizens by the constitution of American government.

Is there no escape from this sea of troubled waters, where man, tottering in the balance, seems searching, grasping, crying out into limitless space for help? In all the walks and stages of earthly existence since creation, individuals, everywhere, have grappled with the problems of life, to some degree, for progress, for advancement, for a greater peace of mind—for a brighter future. A few realize their hopes, others struggle on without success, and many who apparently cling to the guide-posts set by their ancestors, live by faith alone.

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