About five years ago our little son accidentally shot me...

About five years ago our little son accidentally shot me with a toy pistol which had been loaded with what is known as a B.B. shot, and the wound was the most painful I ever felt. The shot entered the fleshy part of my leg, and I limped for ten days. It then took me six months to overcome the after-effects of the wound, and one night especially, I remember that I was afraid to go to bed, as I feared I was about to die. A great deal of fear was held for me, and I was told of people who had passed on from blood-poisoning, the effect of pistol wounds, etc. I had a battle to fight, and I fought it alone with God, for I knew that Truth was on my side. The shot came to the surface in six months from the time of the accident, and the same surgeon who at the time of the accident probed for it but did not find it, took it out, as it was right under the cuticle. I asked if it was not unusual for shot to travel in that way, and he said, "Yes."

It seemed necessary to narrate the above to explain the nothingness of disease, which came to me in a new guise recently. Some friends were telling me of their trials, and to encourage them I gave them the above experience. Later in the evening, the old scar, or identical spot of the old wound, began to trouble me, until I thought that something had surely stung me, and before the illusion became clear to me I began to feel that I would have to do something about it. I had to laugh as I discovered the subtlety of the error. I declared the truth vigorously, and that was the last of the pain. As I think of this experience I see that there was no cause whatever for a relapse, or a return of the pain, except the belief in error.

Testimony of Healing
Although I do not consider myself a Christian Scientist,...
September 25, 1909

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