In view of the possibility that some one who reads the...

In view of the possibility that some one who reads the Sentinel may still doubt that "with God nothing shall be impossible," I take this opportunity to speak a word of encouragement to those who seemingly cannot realize God's power to heal. Not long ago I severely injured my left hip and knee. The sense of pain and fear tried all night long to persuade me that life and intelligence are in matter, and I was in a place where I had to work out my own salvation. In the evening I retired with a misplaced and painful hip, but awoke in the morning to find my hip in its right place though still very sore; it had been restored during the night by divine Love, without my knowing it. Before a week had passed my hip and knee were both perfectly well and without the slightest trace of soreness.

The omnipotence of God has been proven for me in many other ways. I have been healed of appendicitis, acute lung trouble, and numerous small but very aggravating and disagreeable sicknesses and injuries. When I was thirteen years old I was healed of a very strong desire for tobacco. Through will-power I resisted the temptation for two weeks, but then that gave way and I had to turn to God for protection from the false desire. I had been taught at home that it was wrong to do such things, nevertheless that teaching did me no good until I realized the all-powerful help of our Father-Mother God, through my understanding of Christian Science, to show me the right way to go. As soon as I had left the thing in God's hands, and realized that "reform comes by understanding that there is no abiding pleasure in evil" (Science and Health, p. 327), there was not the least physical effort needed on my part to overcome the desire. In one day and a half I was free, and have never had any temptation to touch tobacco since.

September 25, 1909

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