I have been studying Christian Science over two years,...

I have been studying Christian Science over two years, and am very grateful for the happiness and the peace of mind it has brought into my life. I did not come to this Science for physical healing, but I find that a number of ailments have disappeared, particularly that of nervous headache, from which I suffered frequent attacks for about fifteen years. When I was sixteen years of age I had a growth removed, and the wound never healed properly; but I am very thankful to say it has only opened and discharged once since I began to study Science and Health, and that was a year and a half ago. We had only been studying Science a month when our oldest child, nine years of age, was healed in one treatment of a very aggravated form of illness. A few months later the youngest child, five years old, was healed of an eruptive fever in one treatment. We were at this time living a in a house with a physician, and he was very much surprised to find that the child did not have any one of the numerous disorders which, as he said, usually follow "a neglected case" of this kind.

I particularly wish to speak of an experience I had recently. I became very ill, and not knowing what the trouble was and fearing that it might terminate seriously, we were very much alarmed, and called a prominent physician of this city. He said that I had a very bad case of abdominal trouble. My suffering was intense; I could neither eat nor sleep, and the only relief that I got was while under an opiate. The doctor kept me packed in ice, and gave me several kinds of medicine; he kept up this treatment for almost two weeks, and then said I would have to go to the hospital for an operation. I had always had a great fear of operations, and had had a previous experience of that kind, so instead of my going to the hospital we called a Christian Science practitioner, who gave me one week's treatment. Before the close of the week I was out of bed, and in ten days was able to do my own work, and have been in perfect health ever since.

Testimony of Healing
After the healing of my daughter by Christian Science
September 25, 1909

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