Science and Health is published at a price which is not...

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Science and Health is published at a price which is not in the least extravagant, and I have never known a single person who has not been able to obtain it without difficulty. The critic suggests that the price of the book is kept up for mercenary purposes. Only last week a correspondent wrote objecting that he could not obtain a copy of Science and Health in a foreign language, and asking why its circulation was prohibited by a refusal to have it translated into foreign languages. If the aim of the publishers of Science and Health is to make money out of it, imagine the enormous amount of revenue they are cutting off by refusing to have it translated into other languages; and, in precisely the same way, if their object is to make money, how could they make money better than by flooding the world with cheap editions? Furthermore, there is attached to every Christian Science church a free circulating library, from which any one who is interested in Science and Health can borrow it for nothing. I am not aware that the publishers of Farrar's "Life of Christ," or Renan's "Life of Jesus,"—to take the two examples selected by the critic himself,—ever opened their doors to the public and said, "You can come and borrow these books for nothing, and read them, and afterward buy them or not, as you may desire." It should be perfectly possible to differ absolutely from your neighbor, without it being necessary to impute either ignorance, fraud, or greed.

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