In an attempt to "discriminate" between the true and...

Vincennes (Ind.) Capitol

In an attempt to "discriminate" between the true and the false in Christian Science teaching, our critic among other statements makes this: "Christian Science has exalted the (human) mind-power to the throne of absolute rulership over the states and conditions of the body." If this were true the basic teaching of Christian Science would be little short of the exercise of will-power or self-mesmerism. Inasmuch, however, as it is conceded even by our critic that by such superficial process of "imagination" a genuine case of organic or functional disease was never healed, and whereas practically every known form of ailment has been healed through Christian Science, it is quite evident that our brother errs in his original premise as to genuine Christian Science teaching and practice, in consequence where of all his deductions are erroneous.

For instance, nothing could be farther from a correct view than the gentleman's conception that from the Christian Science standpoint "sickness is just an imagination." It is not recorded in the New Testament that Jesus ever said to the sick and the afflicted, "You only think you are sick." When on the other hand one afflicted with loathsome leprosy made the pathetic appeal, "Lord, if thou wilt, thou canst make me clean." our Saviour "put forth his hand, and touched him. saying, I will; be thou clean." It would have taken a strong imagination to have enabled one to touch a leper, and our Lord's specific command, "Be thou clean," implied that in the estimation of the Master the poor fellow really needed cleansing. The effort is I being made in Christian Science to heal as Jesus healed.

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