From my earliest remembrance I was a sufferer from...

From my earliest remembrance I was a sufferer from nervous affection of the digestive system, and other ailments which were not reached through materia medica. It was not unusual for me to hear people say, when they thought I was too young to understand, that I would not live to be grown. When I think of the fear and anxiety that my dear mother had for me, it is with regret that she did not know the true creation, that "man is, not shall be, perfect and immortal" (Science and Health, p. 428).

At the age of fifteen, being without earthly parents and with no one to take any special interest in me, I was sent away to school. Under the change of scene and manner of living I grew stronger, though I could never get rid of the thought that I would sooner or later have the chronic disease from which my mother suffered for years, and from which she passed into another existence; and in consequence of this wrong thinking, it was only a few years until I was again under the care of physicians. Upon the advice of local physicians I was taken to Philadelphia and treated for six months by a well-known specialist of that city. I went home much better. and hoped I would be well, but it was only a matter of time until I was again in a hospital. This, too, helped me only temporarily, and later I went to still another hospital. In each of these places I feel sure the physicians did all for me that human power could do, but I was not cured.

Testimony of Healing
This is to certify that Christian Science treatment cured...
August 21, 1909

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