Christian Science is a revival of primitive Christianity...

Ft. Wayne (Ind.) News

Christian Science is a revival of primitive Christianity, and its healings are today as in Jesus' day the direct result of the impartation to erring human minds of the wholesome, uplifting, vivifying influence of divine Truth and Love, which heals physically by uplifting spiritually. Such a wholesome regenerative process has in it not one taint of mesmerism or the paralyzing domination of one erring, finite human mind over another.

In the light of the foregoing, moreover, it is easily to be seen that Christian Science cannot possibly do harm, as was erroneously alleged by our critic; while it should be further noted that the list of diseases already healed in Christian Science includes practically all the so-called "incurable" forms, which latter, the majority of them organic, cannot reasonably be classed as "imaginary." It is doubtless true, as with the rest of us, that "there are many things which the medical profession does not know," and among these we might reasonably classify "the things of the Spirit of God," which cannot be learned in the laboratory nor hammered out with a pestle, but must be "spiritually discerned." The man who has been healed spiritually, however, and without drugs, is not willing to concede that Mrs. Eddy's system of spiritual healing is based on "sheer nonsense." The results, the "fruits," belie the statement.

In conclusion, with all due deference to the medical profession and acknowledging the legitimate place of its supporters in ministering to a race which as yet knows not God well enough to rely confidently upon Spirit for healing, we must point the fact that constantly fluctuating theories and methods throughout its entire four thousand years of history do not give assurance that absolute "truth" permeates and bases its gigantic and world-wide superstructure of experimentation and practice. We will agree, however, that there should be no "other foundation than truth in the practice and study" of a system that so intimately concerns the temporal welfare, comfort, and life of mankind. For this reason the Christian Scientist feels in duty bound to press on in his pursuit of absolute, spiritual truth, reassured by the Scriptural promise, "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free."

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