For more than ten years I was troubled with what is...

For more than ten years I was troubled with what is considered an obstinate skin disease. I tried first one remedy and then another, as they were suggested to me; also doctor after doctor, with no success whatever, in fact I was constantly growing worse. At last I began to get discouraged, and especially when the last doctor, after treating me for more than three months, suggested that I consult a specialist. Just about three weeks previous to this I had been loaned a book which turned out to be a Christian Science story. Becoming greatly interested in it, I made the assertion to my doctor that I was going to have something which would cure me. The doctor asked me what it was, and when I told him that it was Christian Science, he laughed at me. This was on Monday. Wednesday I looked up the Christian Science church in Wilmington and attended the service that night.

My reception was so cordial, and the people seemed so earnest and sincere, that, as the veracity of those who spoke that evening could not be doubted in the least, I decided to find some one to give me treatment. After the service one of the members, whom I afterward found to be a practitioner, willingly agreed to explain this wonderful Science to me. This he did the following evening, and began giving me absent treatment the next morning, assuring me that God would heal me. Prior to this time I had worn bandages for at least three months, and had not been able to wear a pair of cuffs for more than ten months; but I wore a pair the next Sunday, when I attended the morning and evening services, and in about four weeks I was entirely healed of the eruption.

August 21, 1909

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