Several years ago I awakened to the realization that my...

Several years ago I awakened to the realization that my opinions of life and what life should bring were all wrong. I was a church-member, but was not interested in religion, for as near as I could gather it was something for women, or for men who were about to die. I was neither a woman nor an old man, but a young man starting in business, having just graduated from college. On looking around I saw unhappiness and unfulfilled desires almost everywhere, and I began to look for the reason.

For several Sundays I passed a number of churches of different denominations, just after service, and I was attracted to the members of the Christian Science church because of the look in their eyes. The general appearance of the congregations was about the same, but the eyes of the Scientists were bright and full of life and joy, while to me the others seemed dull and tired looking. I wondered what made them so, and remarked to a friend that if ever I took an active part in any religion it would be in Christian Science. Judge of my surprise when I learned that this friend's mother had been healed in Science of a very serious trouble. She gave me some of the literature, which I read carefully, and thus I learned why Christian Scientist are bright and happy. In order to see if it were all true, I took treatment for a tendency to constant colds, supposedly caused by a diseased condition of the cheek bone. I had several operation for this trouble, in this city and in New York, and had treated it daily for over a year, but I had been asked to go East for another operation that spring. I was fully convinced of the truth of Christian Science when the whole trouble was overcome in less than a week.

Testimony of Healing
At the age of fourteen, after having had a fall from a...
June 26, 1909

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